The Ms COOP Project

What is it and why you should care.

The “what” in “What is the Ms COOP Project”

Ms COOP is short for Military Spouse Co-op Project. The mission of the Ms COOP Project is to create an environment of support and encouragment of military spouses wanting to be more than a “dependapotomus”. Through the Ms COOP Project platform, a spouse can introduce their products to the public in a store setting while learning business and marketing skills that will be indispensable to their future. 

The “why” in “Why the Ms COOP Project?”

Military spouses face many challenges when it comes to having a career and balancing the family and personal demands they often endure because of their…..Lifestyle. It’s recently been noted that more spouses are underemployed or unemployed due to constant moves, different cultures, and family needs that often fall on the spouses shoulders than that of their civilian counterparts. This project is about support, leadership and community. In working together, people can acheive their dreams and improve their futures.

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