If you’re looking a life changing, awe inspiring realization to come from your blog reading, you’re in the wrong place my friend.

I read somewhere that children get 80% of their intelligence from their mother. I am here to tell you my kids didn’t “get” 80%, they TOOK 80%. While I love being a mom, my sense of humor is dark, my honesty is brutal and some days I’m just not all together there.






I am the Zoo Keeper for the never quiet, always loving but sometimes crazy Smith Home. A gypsy soul with three beautiful anchors (aka the awesomest kids in the world) And one very tall. Very handsome guide. ( I call him BooBoo, you can call him The MR.)
Somedays, I am organized. Sometimes, I’m on time and might even walk out of the house in a clean shirt. But most days, I find myself pulling out of my driveway wondering if I remembered to brush my teeth.
Everyday, I question the sanity of any higher being that thought putting me in charge of another life was a good idea. This is my journey, these are my thoughts.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I absolutely love reading your posts. You made me laugh and cry. Your words are honest and well-written. I see myself in some of your posts and wonder if I how kids will impact my everyday life Love you lady and thanks.

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