A Proper Introduction.



How are you? 

*kiss kiss* 

Sigh….. Sometimes introducing yourself can be one of the hardest things in the world to do. It’s just…. Awkward. 

But here I go.

This is me. Now before you go all crazy stalker on my ass, please note, this is me on a REALLY good day. It took me like 4 hours to get prepped for the night that came after this photo. 

I don’t normally get 4 hours to do any one thing. Especially something that’s just for me. In fact, most days I feel like I’m winning if I’ve gotten to wash my face AND brush my hair in one sitting. Especially if I got those things completed by noon and/or alone. Don’t even get me started on brushing my teeth!

That’s a little more like it. ( I did soften it up a bit) Seriously. Makeup can do some of the most amazing things people! -and that kid in my arms, trying to lick my toothbrush away….. That is what most of my life really looks like.

What you’re looking at right here is three pieces of my heart that managed to escape my body and are now trying to create life’s of their own. Most people call them children. I refer to them as Kid 1, Kid 2 and Baby. 

There are 2 other children that rule my day, I’ll probably mention them regularly, but never by name or photo. They are my kids, but not biologically. We are, what the state refers to as a “resource family”. The term ” foster family” is most common. Currently, we have a newborn and a preschooler. 

Back to kids 1,2 & baby.

Kid 1 is currently at battle with a blood disorder called Thrombocytopenia. We’ve been making monthly visits to the Phoenix Childrens Hospital for IVIG transfusions. 

This. Sucks. 

Ya know what makes it worse? Feeling helpless, afraid and exhausted. Only to walk out of her hospital room and be surrounded by other sick kids. But not just any kind of sick, we’re talking real sick. 

Cancer sick. 

Ugh. Those beautiful babies all walking the floor with their chemo bags and hospital slippers, smiling. Freaking smiling. And laughing. Eager to tell you a story or lend you a hand. 

I just wanna punch myself for being such a wuss. 

Kid 1 is smart, kind and so much fun to talk to. I feel like the luckiest mom in the world when I sit next to her.

Kid #2 is your typical ” I just became a teenage boy watch what I can do” kid. He’s funny, smart and sometimes when I look at him the air in my lungs gets knocked from my chest. I just love him so much. 

Then there’s Baby. And she is just that. Everyone loves her and she knows it. Having the opportunity to see the world thru her eyes has been awesome.

At the center of my world is this guy right here. 

The Mr. 

He’s pretty special. We’ve been running our world as a team for just over 15 years. Prior to that he was my confidant for 5. Good or bad, he’s not going anywhere. 

To quote Grace from “Will & Grace” 

“My love for you is like this scar. Ugly. But permanent.”

The Mr is an active duty Marine with 7 deployments under his belt. 5 of which were war time deployments. He’s home. He’s safe. But he’s not always the same person. But neither are the rest of us. 

We’re learning how to be the best we can be as a family each and everyday. This isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it. 

Short of the 6 other people that run my days to the fullest they can be, I also am working on my 2nd degree. I also own a small shop in downtown Yuma called the Ms COOP Project. 

I LOVE my store. And everyone in it. They are without a doubt some of the most incredibly talented women I’ve ever met. Everyday with them is a blessing and I can’t wait to talk about them in upcoming posts.

So that’s it. My introduction. I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with you in the months ahead 🙂


One thought on “A Proper Introduction.

  1. You forgot to add, you are also friend to countless of us who have known they could count on you through the years:)

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