Smile Damn It

I stumbled across this awe inspiring beauty on facebook a few weeks ago and suddenly became a mom on a mission.


This would be mine. Oh yes, it would be mine.

With an idea in mind and two beautiful children to play “dress up” with, I was far to eager to get started. I decided that the best time for this fun day of picture taking would be during the kids Spring Break and told my oldest two my plans weeks before hand; pulling up the picture to give for reference.

“Isn’t it sooooooo pretty?!” I cooed.

In the days leading up to our photo session I mentioned the picture repeatedly, plotted out where I could take the picture in my home  and researched photo editing sites that would make it possible. Everyone knew my plan.

So when I finally had my little back drop set up and area taped off so I knew where everyone would have to stand, what time of day would have the best lighting, etc and got Kid 1 and Kid 2 on scene I was flabbergasted they didn’t share in my excitement.

No. No. My models were not excited at all. They were distant, mean and just down right a chore to be with. My fuse went up in smoke. And it went fast! So when my pictures began showing on my viewer screen with disdain and unhappiness on their faces I too began showing disdain and unhappiness. These faces were NOT on my agenda!


(like seriously?! WHAAAAT is that?!!So forced. So blah!)

My gentle coaxing for a fun and entertaining afternoon taking pictures together turned into that of which a bridezilla would be ashamed of.

“Turn your head to the right-NOOOOOO not that way TO THE RIGHT!” and “God bless it guys your arm should be below your chin!”or “SMILE GOD DAMN IT! We’re taking pictures to capture who you are and how much fun we’re having!!” were just a few of the hoarse commands barked over and over again. And when I discovered I couldn’t edit what I did have to fit properly into the heart shape I was going for…. OR Lord. No one should hear the words that came out of my mouth that day.

Like ever.

After taking a moment to calm my nerves and let go of my frustration I decided the best way to get the project done was to add wine. (What? It seems reasonable to me. How else does an adult solve problems?!)

2 glasses in and I still wasn’t able to make it all come together.

That’s when my 10 year old son came in the room. “Here.” I said. “Make me a heart”

And ya know what? He did.



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