Down with da Easter Bunny

A year ago this March our family of four became a family of five. Since this drastic (but amazing) change to our lives we’ve had to demand a new Easter bunny, question Santa Clause and have had three tooth fairies fired. Customer service is just not what it used to be!

Last year, Easter came two weeks after the birth of our youngest daughter. Since the oldest two children were in the double digits for age (10 and 11) that silly rabbit, exhausted from what I imagine to be a long month,came to the silly conclusion that they wouldn’t like an egg hunt. Maybe he thought they wouldn’t find excitement in scouring their home looking for tiny eggs filled with candy. Maybe he believed they would find such traditions to be childish and a bore. Maybe. Just maybe, he hoped they’d be happy with the oversized chocolate bunnies and pool toys and not even notice the missing candy filled eggs.

Whatever that crazy bunny was thinking, he was WRONG.

That morning, as I nursed our 2 week old daughter and tried to shake off the growing brain haze from yet another sleepless night to greet them cheerfully,I learned the mistakes of making traditions.

As they twisted their heads anxiously from left to right looking not at the Easter baskets, but at the possible hiding spots for eggs my heart began thump thump thumping.

“Where’s the eggs?” my oldest asked softly.

“Eggs?” I answered. ” The Easter bunny brought you pool toys instead. Look how cool they are!”

That’s when they began to cry.

“No. No, no, no. No. No. Don’t cry!” I begged. ” I guess maybe he thought you wouldn’t be excited about a egg hunt this year?”

“Well he was wrong!” My son snapped.

“Ok baby. He was wrong. Would you like me to report his error to his boss? Maybe we can get a new Easter Bunny assigned to our family for next year.”

“I.Want. Him. Fired. Mom”

That was that. Now, I’m not sure if our family bunny was actually fired, but his boss got a lengthy nasty-gram that afternoon. It must’ve worked too, cause the bunny that came to our house this year did not forget the Easter Eggs. (though he did leave a few behind some spider webs.)


2 thoughts on “Down with da Easter Bunny

  1. Snap!! this year I foolishly thought it would be ok to just give then a nice big easter egg…..that its so cold they didnt need to do the hunt……that they werent really that fussed about it…..ahem…stupid mummy, what was i thinking?!!! Really, no idea why i thought it would be ok….perhaps laziness on my behalf, or really not realising they still really do like the easter bunny visit and egg hunt! thankfully Grandad came to the rescue and turned up with a ridiculous amount of eggs and bunnies to hide in the garden and around the house, hoorah! Thank heavens for good Grandads xxx

    • Awwww! Yay for Granddads! The thought has crossed my mind that when the kids find out the truth 1 of 2 things will happen. When the truth comes out they’re either going to feel horrible for all the things they said or they’ll look back and realize what a horrible job I did! Lol… Sigh

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